We believe our mission is to help our clients find the best partners, optimize their costs and always have valuable consultants and a seamless HR experience within reach. We started recruitment 15 years ago and, in time, we refined our IT recruitment practices to a state of the art process.

We have solid values, withstanding the test of time.

We engage with both mind and heart in our endeavors.


More than anything, it is people who bring value to a company: an affirmation which is often used, although too rarely taken really seriously.

We believe in its larger meaning, that is “the right person at the right time”.

We have great experience in “matching” people to specific client-organization requirements, and we truly believe that productivity will only rise if the job engages both mind and heart.


Quality has been the very foundation of our work. ‘Quality’ has been the first word written – and maintained true since the beginning – on the founding stone of VON Consulting. Quality is visible in every aspect of your interaction with us, from work processes to communication to final results.


It is ultimately a passion, and the very source of expertise of Von Consulting. We are passionate about everything TECH and we are worldwide connected in the field. We are innovators both in essence and in details.

We are always open to new ideas and ready to use creative solutions.


We truly like serving the HR field, with everything it implies – rigor, soft and strong – core expertise, working with people, speed, constant demands for costs and time optimization. Our team is working with passion, dedication and positive energy.

Adaptability and Flexibility

We calibrated our resources so as to always be adaptable and flexible. The recent years’ competition and cost pressure avidly require these two values- adaptability and flexibility – and we know exactly how to deliver them, since they are two working principles of our expert departments.


… with everything it implies, trust is the unanimous value of the VON Consulting team – professionally and personally.

We do more than business. We develop strong and long-lasting relationships.